Vladimir moved to the United States just after turning one in March of 1991 from the former Soviet Union with his parents, an older brother and two sisters. Having escaped communism and religious persecution, his parents immediately felt that if there was a heaven on earth, then Sunny Isles, FL had to be it. His dad spent 20+ years as a coal miner and instilled the importance of honesty and hard work to all of his children. Vladimir’s father always preached that this country accepted and gave them a chance at a new life, and it was going to be up to them to repay America for the opportunity that it provided them. They were always grateful.

Before his youngest brother was born, his family packed everything they owned into a Chevy G-Series van, and moved to Portland, OR where he grew up and attended the University of Oregon. After graduating with a double major in Political Science and Russian literature, as well as receiving a minor in business he was presented with an opportunity to become a project manager to one of the biggest engineering staffing firms in the country, when they saw the passion and drive he possessed.

Having great success in that field motivated Vladimir to change careers and become a full time realtor, to further feed his passion in helping people achieve their dreams. His outstanding work ethic, confidence, knowledge and the ability to relate to people from all over the world helped him effectively work with various personalities and backgrounds.  The leadership and compassion he presents to his clients enables them to feel secure, knowing they’re in calm and collected hands. His experiences further sharpened his communication and negotiation skills that he uses everyday in practice.

When he is not writing contracts Vladimir is an avid bicyclist and gym enthusiast. He enjoys riding his Cannondale along A1A as well as playing basketball with his nephews at Veteran’s and Sugar Sand Parks. Being a big sports fan, most of his favorite teams reside in the NW, even though as a child The Hurricanes held the number one spot prior to being replaced by his alma mater, The Ducks. The Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks finish off his top teams, followed by the Miami franchises. Having played the bari sax in various bands growing up, he has an unparalleled love and passion for jazz music, and can be found sitting in concerts at FAU as well as driving down and listening to the different groups at the Frost School of Music on campus in Coral Gables.

When you need someone to look out for your best interests and advocate fiercely on your behalf, while treating you like their only client, Vladimir will be your agent for life.